Welcome to Kubu Ampo Villa

The beautiful Bali Island is so famous with its unique culture. Although the tourism grows so rapidly, the island keeps its tradition and way of life strongly. Religious life within environment is the key answer. Bali friendly people keep smiling to openly welcome you wherever you go. And, Kubu Ampo is proudly built to be a part of this.

Get The Real Bali Experience At Kubu Ampo!

Kubu Ampo means “A Small Hut on Clay Land”. Long time before Kubu Ampo is built, the land was a rice field, but not profitable as the soil is white clay which is not good for cultivating rice or other plantations. After covering the land with trucks of fertile soil brought from other part of the island, the green garden surrounding the villa now looks so natural and beautiful.

The concept of the Kubu Ampo is “Get The Real Bali Experience”. Bali should not be luxurious, but very natural. The structure of Kubu Ampo is made of old Java house which was transported from Banyuwangi (East Java) and re-erected here. Originally, the style looks like a Joglo (Central Java traditional house) but, in fact, it is definitely not a Joglo as there is strong influence of East Java, finally here it is given some Balinese touch as well. So, we can say Kubu Ampo is a fusion of three cultures but with one similarity: open to the environment. This is a symbol that human is very small part of the universe! Human can’t isolate themselves from the nature and but should create a good harmony with the Mother Nature!

Go Green! Save The Planet! Save The Ozone! Save The Energy! At Kubu Ampo you are seriously asked to take a part on this!

Looking forward to being of your service!